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A restaurant complex with its own hotel in the middle of the Kyiv forest is only 15 minutes drive from the center.
"Fortetsya" is an enchanting place where the magic of fairytale castles is intertwined with vibrant cosmopolitan cuisine.

For 18 years now, the people of Kyiv have been celebrating weddings, birthdays and family holidays here, holding corporate events and parties.

7 separate banquet halls, a courtyard with a fountain, green avenues and forest arches are just charming.
The place will amaze you at the very first glance

Our advantages


Spacious ceremony area

Easy to decorate to match your wedding style.


Separate banquet halls

Style and comfort for events of any scale.


Banquet hall "PALACE"

For luxurious ceremonies and merry feasts.


Closed area and parking

A friendly and comfortable space.


Author's cuisine

Modern cooking techniques and refined plating.


Romance of the forest

Forest sunsets, designer lighting, picturesque green arches.


Bridal suite - as a gift!

Order a wedding in the "Banquet Palace" - and get a room for newlyweds.


Small celebrations

Separate entrance, own audio system, attentive waiters. We love and know how to host your little feasts.



Natalia Gumenyuk-Pishaya


Restaurant, like a beloved early child, was created from a tiny idea and grew to an unprecedented scale.

The main idea has always been family fun and hospitality. But from the very first years of our work, we have become people’s favorite spot for holding large events and humble get-togethers with friends.
We host anniversaries and weddings with enviable consistency. For 19 years of work, we have been constantly updating the interiors and decorations in the halls, which is quite difficult and costly, since they are all autonomous and each with its own history.

We are constantly trying to update our assortment of dishes so that every time our guests could try something new. We are proud of our chef Timchenko Tatiana, for her abilities to manage the team, keep up to the trends and desire to grow, despite the high professional level.

In 2020, we updated the administrative staff. The manager Veronika Chepeleva has a vast experience and a pragmatic view. We believe that Fortetsya will steadily hold the position of a family country restaurant within the city with an excellent team and service.

I really love Ukrainian restaurants, regularly visit them and think that the level of our restaurants is very high, and the guests are extremely demanding. We adhere to our standards and are always open to constructive criticism, because it makes us better.

I adore Fortetsya in summer, when the beauty of wedding and evening dresses fills the atmosphere of the restaurant with magic. Come to us in autumn and spend the day in rich colors with a glass of white mulled wine. Winter harsh days in our halls with fireplaces become as homely as can be. In spring it's good to wait for summer with us, because with the first rays of warm sun we start serving tables near the fountain: get wrapped in a blanket under the mellow sunlight with a glass of grog - that’s what our guests have taught us and what we do every year.

Come to visit our Fortetsya!

Our halls


She has been in the profession for 33 years. Of these - 26 in the position of a chef. She studied in Italy, worked with renowned French chefs and easily took the winning "gold" in international culinary battles. She is Tatiana Timchenko, a chef in Fortetsya for 11 years now. 

We admire her understanding of taste, her ability to work with local products and the exemplary plating of even the simplest dishes. Mediterranean cuisine, rare Kiev recipes, wedding cakes, steaming juicy meat from the grill, Caucasian pies and signature salads - there’s nothing she can’t do. 

But the main thing in a cook is passion. And here our chef has no equal.
We don't know anyone with such an eye for details.
Nuances are important. Therefore, in "Fortetsya" kitchen everything is done from the scratch: from mayonnaise and sauces to basturma, sun-dried tomatoes and baked pork.
A full-cycle pastry station prepares desserts and pastries of any complexity: bread, korowais, wedding cakes, eclairs.
Thanks to Tatiana, our banquet cuisine has become a legend among Kyiv couples.
The secret is simple: product quality and accurate plating.
And also the ability to listen. Tatiana is always very attentive to wishes.
Therefore, the banquet menu is made up as a luxurious composition in which the guest will find his favorite taste.