Organization of your wedding from A to Z in the restaurant «Fortetsya»

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Exclusive and exquisite banquet room for the wedding Kiev

Exclusive and exquisite banquet room for a wedding in Kiev in the restaurant "Fortetsya" has unlimited possibilities for creating a unique and unforgettable event amidst fairy-tale landscapes, exquisite interior and Accompanied by a delicate and pleasant service.

Our restaurant will give you a wonderful holiday atmosphere and a high level of service, will provide the necessary decorations, decorate the territory for the wedding ceremony, organize a buffet table or cover a festive table for your guests. Also, we can provide music services . We will make your holiday unique and unique, organize any event with a unique idea.

In our banquet menu for the wedding a huge selection of delicious dishes, snacks, salads, and there are specialties from one of the best chefs of Ukraine Tatyana Timchenko. We offer both traditional serving of dishes, and in a format of "buffet". The administration of the restaurant Fortecia always takes into account the wishes of the guests in the process of organizing the banquet.

Luxury wedding banquet in a restaurant

The dishes from Tatyana Timchenko are refined and elegant, they can conquer the most exquisite gourmet from the first spoon. If your wedding banquet is held in our restaurant, you can be sure that you will have only the best, brightest memories. The atmosphere of our banquet halls is cozy, stylish, romantic, but at the same time solemn and luxurious. Competently located tables allow guests to move freely around the room. The restaurant's cuisine is a distinct advantage, because our chef has many titles, awards and is a member of the Ukrainian culinary association.

Need a restaurant for a wedding?

The philosophy of the chef is: healthy and proper nutrition with the use of special technology - cooking dishes from natural products without salt. Dishes from Tatyana Timchenko are simple, refined and elegant, they can conquer the most exquisite gourmet from the first spoon.